A Letter to my First Year Self: Four Valuable Lessons I learned from University


I’m graduating in June, and although convocation is still a few months away, today I’m feeling retrospective. University was exciting and utterly terrifying in my first year. I didn’t know what to major in, I knew hardly anyone in my classes, and everyone around me seemed so grown-up and mature (okay, well not everyone). Then there was little ol’ me sitting in the back row, hiding from the laser-vision glasses of the professor. Fast forward to fourth year and I was a somewhat active participant in class, enjoyed meeting with my profs during office hours, and wasn’t so twitchy when it came to exams.

You know what I learned? University helped me grow as a person. It’s actually quite fun if you’re doing something you love. Amidst the groaning over research essays, the pulling of late night papers and the cram study sessions for exams, university was worth it because it gave me a chance to discover what I loved, in the midst of what I disliked. Here are four valuable lessons I learned from my four years at University:

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Hello World!

Hi there, friends! This blog will document my journey into the wonderful, whacky, and whimsical world of web design. Starting on Thursday, April 25th, 2013, I will be posting  tid bits from my life all building up to my transition into Sheridan College’s Web Design program this coming September to April 2014. It sounds like we have a huge road ahead of us!