Trip to the Caribbean


I still can’t believe that just a week ago I was swimming in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Now it seems like a very nice, very distant dream. Thinking back, time moved at a deliciously slow pace on the cruise ship; and slower, still, ashore. My family and I went to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau in the Bahamas, where I got to visit Atlantis resort. I came out of these excursions sun tanned like a baked potato! It was well worth it, and I definitely look forward to a trip like this again, God willing.


We visited Atlantis Resort and Water Park in Nassau, Bahamas. Apparently, Michael Jackson used to spend nights at a time up in the luxury suite at Atlantis Hotel (seen above). His rooms came at a hefty price tag. I was happy enough admiring it from afar.


Back at the water park, I got to tube down the Aztec water slide and through the shark tank! I’ll never forget this experience. I’m glad there was glass there to keep me safe. Wouldn’t want to be shark food.



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