The Destiny Philosophy and Nipping Fate in the Bud

Steve and Courtney

Steve Coomber and Courtney Verk came by to visit from Mosaic, an agency that specializes in helping brands connect with consumers. Mosaic is a leader in experiential marketing and retail services; in short, they help brands come to life. Steve and Courtney shared their experiences with different clients as well as practical tips and advice regarding how to handle tough situations in the workplace. They held an open Q&A that allowed us to probe into their professional life and ask the tough questions like “what is the creative process like at Mosaic?” and “what is Gillian Chubb‘s middle name?” (now I know that the answer is Sarah–just like my middle name). Most importantly, they shared the scoop on ~The Destiny Philosophy~, wolf moon pics and all.

…Yes, I said WOLF MOON pics. If that isn’t a strong enough hook, I don’t know what is.

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Reach Out and Take Risks


This week, through the wonders of Skype video chat, we had a special guest speaker from sunny California. Shernaz Pavri is a former grad of the Sheridan web design program (woot, represent!). She is currently a User Experience Designer at LinkedIn, and previously worked for a variety of companies including the big boys like American Express and Apple. In her talk she covered a lot of ground. Everything from her typical work day, to the importance of networking was discussed. Above all, she definitely practiced what she preached and is a good role model for aspiring designers.

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What a treat! First week ends on a sweet note


We’re spoiled rotten in our Professional Topics class. This week we got a special box of cupcakes from our fellow classmate, Matt. While nibbling on these treats we stared at and admired each other’s portfolios. Gosh, the talent in the room was stifling–in a good way! In the coming weeks we’ll be treated to guest speakers from the industry who’ll share words of wisdom, advice, and maybe even their life story. The networking opportunities for this class are endless, we just need to reach out and grab it! I’m humbled and privileged to be a part of this program with such multitalented people. Here are just some of the portfolio pieces:

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First two days at Sheridan


I just moved in to Sheridan residence two days ago and it’s been a whirlwind experience! Surprisingly, lugging my stuff up to my room was a breeze thanks to the tremendous help of the residence staff and volunteers. Mind you, the elevator was broken during move-in day, which made hauling the stuff up….fun. Nonetheless, I settled into my room quickly and enjoyed the time I had left to get to know my roommate.

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