First two days at Sheridan


I just moved in to Sheridan residence two days ago and it’s been a whirlwind experience! Surprisingly, lugging my stuff up to my room was a breeze thanks to the tremendous help of the residence staff and volunteers. Mind you, the elevator was broken during move-in day, which made hauling the stuff up….fun. Nonetheless, I settled into my room quickly and enjoyed the time I had left to get to know my roommate.

I met some very friendly people in my first day of web design class. Hopefully soon we’ll all feel like one close-knit family. It’s been a while since I’ve had to share all my classes with the same people. I find that it’s easier to make long-lasting friendships this way. When I was in University I felt that it was harder to develop close ties with classmates since I only saw them once or twice a week, and only for an hour or two.

It’s surprising how different UTSC is compared to Sheridan College. The atmospheres of both schools are completely different; UTSC feels very studious and reserved, even on the first day of classes. Whereas, Sheridan feels laid back and at ease. People living at residence are extremely friendly, some even went door-to-door to greet neighbours on the first day. The community at Sheridan is definitely a strong one.


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