What a treat! First week ends on a sweet note


We’re spoiled rotten in our Professional Topics class. This week we got a special box of cupcakes from our fellow classmate, Matt. While nibbling on these treats we stared at and admired each other’s portfolios. Gosh, the talent in the room was stifling–in a good way! In the coming weeks we’ll be treated to guest speakers from the industry who’ll share words of wisdom, advice, and maybe even their life story. The networking opportunities for this class are endless, we just need to reach out and grab it! I’m humbled and privileged to be a part of this program with such multitalented people. Here are just some of the portfolio pieces:

cupcakes-top copy

The cupcakes look too good to eat! Thanks, Matt!


38 Creative Monsters poster designed by Rafael. Stunning, isn’t it? The lovely colours just make me squeal with joy. This guy has a great eye for design. If I saw this poster hanging somewhere, I’d definitely take a closer look, and maybe even snag  a copy for myself.


Animation by Yuhan Hu. Yikes, this girl can draw! A LOT!

I didn’t actually think I would choke back  tears in the last class of the week–thanks a lot, Yuhan! Her 5-minute animation took the span of a year to make. That girl has incredible patience! Her work features the life of her grandfather, and it is endearing, poignant and hilarious to watch; however, it should’ve come with a disclaimer that read: “WARNING! This video will rip your heart to shreds!”


Aron’s portfolio. Can you believe he’s a History major? Could’ve fooled me. The design and colours on this page are stunning.

My classmates come from a variety of educational fields and backgrounds, some of which are non-graphical. Some come from as far away as Waterloo, Toronto, Guelph,  Scarborough (that’s me), China, and Korea! I can’t wait to see how everyone’s specialties tie into their work.

I wish I could include all the portfolio pieces taken during the class; however, some photos turned out blurry–my hands must’ve been shaking in utter awe of their talent. That and this blog post would just go on forever if I posted them all.

Cheers to my fellow classmates whose talents inspire me to work hard and do my best!


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