The Ever-Changing World of the Web


Sabaa Quao came to speak to us about the changing landscape of marketing and web design. He is the co-founder and President of /newsrooms, a company that started in 2012 and since grew into a network that builds continuous content marketing and social media coverage for brands like TD Bank, KPMG, Citrix, Audi, and more. The most important lesson I took away from Sabaa’s talk was that we shouldn’t get too comfortable with the technology we’re using today because it will soon change. Adobe CS6 will evolve into a new version, as will all our other programs and devices. The question is, will we keep up with the change?

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UX Design in the Realm of Startups


This week we had the ever dapper Genco Cebecioglu,  CEO and Creative Director of Junction Design, speak to us about UX design for startups.  Junction Design is a Toronto based visual identity, UI/UX design studio. Their clients include Mobilicity, Virgin Gaming, and Metrix Group, to name a few. Genco had a lot to say about the successes and pitfalls of starting your own business, so if you’re ever planning to do that, you might want to read this.

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