Squeezing Fitness into the Busy Life of a Web Designer


Long hours of staring in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on a web designer’s body. You’ll feel it in your wrists, back, hips, neck–and pretty much everywhere. I’m grateful that our class got to go to the gym at Sheridan’s Davis campus where we got a personal fitness assessment by the students of the Sheridan Sports Injury Program. We also learned about proper posture and exercise techniques that we could incorporate into our hectic lifestyles.


We were divided into small groups, then branched off into different exercise routines as instructed by the fitness trainers. We did everything from basic stretches to exercises you can do while lying on a roller, fitness ball, or even a couch. Some exercises targeted your neck, wrists, hands and upper back, others worked your hamgstrings and core. You can find the list of exercises in the Sheridan College Physiotec website.


The gym walls were painted an energetic lime green. It kinda reminds me of my first web design project for a personal fitness site (what a coincidence). Photo by Carson Chen.

I have terrible posture after years of hunching in front of the computer, so I was thankful when the fitness instructors guided us on how to maintain good standing and sitting posture. I also learned to take a break after every hour and grab a drink of water. I do this now, and it really helps me stay refreshed and hydrated. I’m notorious for going hermit-mode and locking myself away in my room to do work, so getting these tips will definitely go a long way to improving my health.


I felt like I bonded with my classmates, and it was fun cheering each other on during what were–to us at least–pretty challenging exercise routines.


We’re doing our best job at balancing on the fitness balls while doing the YMCA…just kidding. Photo by Carson Chen.

Overall, it was a great trip, and well worth it. The lessons I learned here will definitely stay with me for life. Every now and then I tell myself to fix my posture and take a much needed break away from the computer. Moving forward, I’ll be looking into pilates classes after school is over so that I can stay fit and hopefully regain the flexibility I had when I was in high school.

Sheridan web designers at the Gym

Working out is way more fun with friends. Photo by Carson Chen.


• Drink plenty of water!
• Don’t forget to take breaks every hour, especially if you’re used to plowing away in front of the computer screen.
• Remember to fix your posture whenever you feel like you’re slouching
• Exercising even once a week is better than not exercising at all

Stay Fit!


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