The Road to Success is a Non-Linear Path

mirandaMiranda Urbanski, manger of web marketing and communications at Bell Mobility, came to our class to talk about her non-linear career path, and the fact that there’s more than one way to get to where you’re going. Like many of our guest speakers, she is a graduate of Sheridan’s New Media Program (now called Web Design). She holds various degrees such as a Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art, in addition to many certificates
in Business and Web Marketing. Despite all this, she said her one year at Sheridan was the most useful. This is a comforting thought for us as we finish off the school year. Miranda gave us great advice when it comes to sampling different jobs and weaving our own career paths. Not one path will be the same as another, and Miranda’s is truly unique!

fine art

Miranda proves that having a background in Fine Arts will help you in your career, whether you choose to work in the creative or business industry. Check out her beautiful art gallery.


Miranda had humble beginnings at Sheridan. Coming into the New Media program, she wasn’t very tech-saavy, but she gradually learned to hone her skills, which eventually led to landing a job as a Web Producer at Flare Fashion Magazine. There, she taught herself how to debug code, which helped sharpen her knowledge of HTML — so much so that she built the company’s back-to-school microsite. This experience goes to show that you’ll never stop learning after school. There will always be ways you can improve upon your existing skills.

After working at Flare, Miranda re-applied to Grad School in London and eventually earned her Master of Business degree. Afterwards, she got prestigious internships at galleries, and later worked for Sotheby’s before finding an opportunity to work for Bell Mobility. In order to land this crucial interview, she was introduced to someone who worked at Bell, and this was enough to start a dialogue. “All you need is your foot in the door,” she said, because this is an opportunity to sell yourself. Her job at Bell allows her to use her business and art skills on a daily basis. As a manager, she understands the parameters of her peers and works with them to reach their goals. The technical skills she learned at Sheridan allows her to engage in creative dialogue with the designers and developers that she works with.

Bell Mobility

Miranda manages microsites and online video production at Bell Mobility. She also ensures that integrated ad campaigns are successfully launched.


One of the most important things that I learned from Miranda’s presentation was that when applying to a new job, it should be something that you still can’t do–yes, you read that right. You shouldn’t be able to do everything required of the job (yet) because if you do, you won’t learn anything, and you most definitely won’t grow. If the job isn’t going to bring your learning forward, then you will not last and you’ll get bored. The best jobs challenge your abilities, and push you to stay curious and hungry for knowledge.

“A Career path is more like a jungle gym than a ladder. It’s okay to move laterally, rather than to move up.” Miranda’s words gave me a new perspective when it comes to approaching my own career path. It’s also comforting to know that our one year at Sheridan makes a lasting difference in our careers. I honestly feel like I’ve learned more in this one year than four years at University. The program truly teaches you to be job-ready, and the professors care about you even outside of the classroom — no I’m not saying that to get brownie points! The web design program allowed me to unlock skill sets that I didn’t know I had such as coding, project management and information architecture. For that, I’m very grateful.


• Always have a plan B
• Learning is lifelong (creativity favours the interested mind)
• Pay it forward
• Creative inspiration is born out of curiosity

Stay connected! Follow Miranda on twitter @Mirandart, and check out her amazing Fine Art Gallery!



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