IAB Canada HTML5 Webinar Series: Moving From Flash to HTML5


IAB Canada recently held a free webinar series about HTML5 and how it’s changing the new advertising landscape. In the same way that websites have become responsive, ads are quickly following suit. Responsive ads are fluid, lightweight, and must adhere to IAB guidelines. Fully animated ads average 15KB in size, and the best part is, just one ad can service multiple screen sizes. This means designers no longer have to create separate ads for multiple screens — with the right tools and code, just one ad will do.

Paul Vincent, CEO of Neuranet, hosted the first webinar of the series and spoke about transitioning from a Flash ad environment to one based in HTML5. He showed us many examples of responsive ads that adapt to various screen sizes, including animated ads.

Why the industry is moving from Flash to HTML5


Paul outlined why it’s important to move to HTML5 ads.

  • The future is responsive sites and ads.
  • Flash support is dropping fast. Flash wasn’t built for responsive design.
  • Screen resolutions and sizes are increasing quickly
  • Devices and Operating Systems are proliferating. The industry is moving towards cross device optimization, not just desktop vs. mobile optimization.
  • HTML5 works with any browser. Thus, ads can be built responsively, and ad sizes can be built based on aspect ratios.

As someone who has used Flash for a few projects, I’m a bit sad to see it going out the door. I have a fondness for Flash only because I understand the amount of time and work involved in making something animate in that program. That said, I’ve also used Adobe Edge and it is by far an easier tool to use.


Responsive Ad Design Tools

Designers can get started with HTML5 by learning how to use tools such as Adobe Edge, Google Web Designer, Flexitive, and Tumult Hype to start building responsive ads. Paul advised to start with simple creative first, then add complexity over time.


Moving Forward

HTML5 will inevitably change the roles and responsibilities within creative teams. It will enable graphic designers to build HTML5 ad solutions without having to know much about web development. These tools could also be used to create responsive ad templates to help automate the design process.

To listen to this webinar yourself, visit: http://iabcanada.com/html5-webinar-series/

Thanks for reading!


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