Finals Week and Lessons Learned from My First Semester at Sheridan

code monster

It’s that time of year: the final week when all our projects are due and you think you can’t possibly finish them all. Breathe. Breathe. We can vanquish those monstrous bugs in our code, we can motion-tween our way through gruelling Flash assignments. The end is near, so fight on fellow web designers, fight on! We can do this. We are <strong>

…see what I did there?

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Squeezing Fitness into the Busy Life of a Web Designer


Long hours of staring in front of a computer screen all day takes a toll on a web designer’s body. You’ll feel it in your wrists, back, hips, neck–and pretty much everywhere. I’m grateful that our class got to go to the gym at Sheridan’s Davis campus where we got a personal fitness assessment by the students of the Sheridan Sports Injury Program. We also learned about proper posture and exercise techniques that we could incorporate into our hectic lifestyles.

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Connecting the Dots Between Design and Sustainability

Todd Barsanti

Today’s guest speaker came from an unexpected source. Todd Barsanti is a Sheridan Grad and Professor who recently trained with Al Gore on the topic of climate change. He did his masters at York University in Environmental Studies, and spoke to us today about climate change and sustainability — I know, it kinda seems unrelated to web design, but it actually has a lot to do with the industry if you take a step back and examine the impacts of our energy consumption in the environment.

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First two days at Sheridan


I just moved in to Sheridan residence two days ago and it’s been a whirlwind experience! Surprisingly, lugging my stuff up to my room was a breeze thanks to the tremendous help of the residence staff and volunteers. Mind you, the elevator was broken during move-in day, which made hauling the stuff up….fun. Nonetheless, I settled into my room quickly and enjoyed the time I had left to get to know my roommate.

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Trip to the Caribbean


I still can’t believe that just a week ago I was swimming in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Now it seems like a very nice, very distant dream. Thinking back, time moved at a deliciously slow pace on the cruise ship; and slower, still, ashore. My family and I went to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau in the Bahamas, where I got to visit Atlantis resort. I came out of these excursions sun tanned like a baked potato! It was well worth it, and I definitely look forward to a trip like this again, God willing.

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A Letter to my First Year Self: Four Valuable Lessons I learned from University


I’m graduating in June, and although convocation is still a few months away, today I’m feeling retrospective. University was exciting and utterly terrifying in my first year. I didn’t know what to major in, I knew hardly anyone in my classes, and everyone around me seemed so grown-up and mature (okay, well not everyone). Then there was little ol’ me sitting in the back row, hiding from the laser-vision glasses of the professor. Fast forward to fourth year and I was a somewhat active participant in class, enjoyed meeting with my profs during office hours, and wasn’t so twitchy when it came to exams.

You know what I learned? University helped me grow as a person. It’s actually quite¬†fun if you’re doing something you love. Amidst the groaning over research essays, the pulling of late night papers and the cram study sessions for exams, university was worth it because it gave me a chance to discover what I loved, in the midst of what I disliked.¬†Here are four valuable lessons I learned from my four years at University:

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