Finishing Strong

Sheridan web design grad show 2014

It’s over already? I feel like we just got started! As I sit here writing this, I’m in shock that I don’t have an assignment due tomorrow. These days of free time seem unreal and almost dream-like after the intense workload we had at Sheridan College’s Web Design program. It was all worth it in the end, and I couldn’t have asked for a more enriching and life-changing experience.

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The Road to Success is a Non-Linear Path

mirandaMiranda Urbanski, manger of web marketing and communications at Bell Mobility, came to our class to talk about her non-linear career path, and the fact that there’s more than one way to get to where you’re going. Like many of our guest speakers, she is a graduate of Sheridan’s New Media Program (now called Web Design). She holds various degrees such as a Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art, in addition to many certificates
in Business and Web Marketing. Despite all this, she said her one year at Sheridan was the most useful. This is a comforting thought for us as we finish off the school year. Miranda gave us great advice when it comes to sampling different jobs and weaving our own career paths. Not one path will be the same as another, and Miranda’s is truly unique!

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RGD Headstart Conference: Part 1


I was generously invited to attend the RGD HeadStart Conference by the kind folks over at Creative Niche. HeadStart is RGD‘s largest conference for emerging designers and students. There are various presentations and panels that discuss the latest trends in the design industry, how to land your dream job, how to start a successful freelancing career, and more! Their experienced speakers guided us through the process of creating a strong portfolio, and also gave invaluable interview tips. One-on-one portfolio review sessions allowed industry professionals to give us constructive criticism on our work. It also gave us the chance to practice our interview skills. It was a full, jam-packed day, and I learned so much that it couldn’t be contained in one blog post. Let’s begin!

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The Road Ahead After Graduation


Alexander Younger, the President and CEO of Design Lab, came by to give us excellent advice regarding the job search process. He talked about the importance of company culture, and the difference between the waterfall and agile working process. Design Lab is an agency in downtown Toronto that has a strong corporate culture and has won many marketing & communications awards. All of their computers are powered by the sun, and they even have a useful green mini site and energy calculator that can help you cut down on energy consumption and costs. Overall, Alexander’s presentation made me more optimistic about job searching.

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First two days at Sheridan


I just moved in to Sheridan residence two days ago and it’s been a whirlwind experience! Surprisingly, lugging my stuff up to my room was a breeze thanks to the tremendous help of the residence staff and volunteers. Mind you, the elevator was broken during move-in day, which made hauling the stuff up….fun. Nonetheless, I settled into my room quickly and enjoyed the time I had left to get to know my roommate.

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Hello World!

Hi there, friends! This blog will document my journey into the wonderful, whacky, and whimsical world of web design. Starting on Thursday, April 25th, 2013, I will be posting  tid bits from my life all building up to my transition into Sheridan College’s Web Design program this coming September to April 2014. It sounds like we have a huge road ahead of us!